July 25, 2017

Marriage Licenses

Requirements for Marriage in the State of Tennessee are as follows:

Applicants applying for a marriage license may complete the Marriage Application from prior to visiting the office.

-The licenses are good for 30 days anywhere in the state.

-There are no blood tests and no waiting period.

-A valid driver license, picture ID, U.S. certified birth certificate, valid VISA, or valid passport is needed.

-Both parties have to be present, unless one is incarcerated or disabled.

-Applicants must be 18 years or older.

-The price is $40.00 with premarital counseling. – Certificate of Completion Form

-The price is $100.00 without premarital counseling.

-Copies of marriage certificates may be obtained at the County Clerk’s office or by mail for $5.00 each.